Our aspiration

Our Aspiration - Innovation


At Hobe innovation results from motivation. Our medium-sized enterprise is perfectly dimensioned to foster an effective innovation culture. Thus, every employee is encouraged to contribute creative ideas and new solutions. As a company, we regard our clients' complex demands as welcome challenges, which we meet by delivering seemingly impossible solutions. There lies indeed our commitment: to keep on developing and innovating for our customers. Our efforts in this respect are reflected in award-winning product innovations, high advisory skills and the quality of our personal customer care.



Zertifikat ISO 2016
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We can thank our motivated, highly trained employees and their commitment to deliver our compelling product and service quality at all times to our clients. Accordingly, Hobe produces exclusively in Germany with development and and manufacturing all under one roof. All business processes are reviewed by a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are continuously improved. For us, quality means optimum product properties, tailor-made tool and process solutions and a reasonable price-performance ratio.


We aim to give our customers a clear competitive and quality advantage. Hobe's sophisticated tooling systems, with their high user-friendliness and precision, allow clients to optimise manufacturing processes, reduce costs or increase productivity. This is a sustainable benefit. Investing in a custom-specific development also pays off: Quite often, a special tool can replace several standard tools, saving machining time or entire operations and increasing the precision and quality of the component.



Our Aspiration
Our Aspiration