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Hobe customers benefit from our consistent specialisation in the mechanical shaping of the smallest inner profiles, combined with broad industry application knowledge. On this basis, we have created a wide range of standard tools for various metal cutting tasks. It is not surprisingly therefore that we regularly deliver the most suitable tool for your machining requirements straight from stock, or build it for you in record time. This saves your company time and costs. Moreover, we develop and manufacture customized special tools for demanding applications. While nobody knows your requirements as well as you do, you can trust us to find the optimal approach to implementing them. Below a selection of industries we support with precision-fit tool and process solutions.


Ophthalmic optics

High-quality spectacle frames have to fulfil a number of quality criteria. In addition to optical perfection, good spectacles must above all provide outstanding mechanical strength. Both properties are determined at the detail level – more specifically in the micrometre range. And that is precisely where our strength lies: in the manufacture of precision tools with minimal tolerances. We provide proven carbide standard tools for the machining of industry-specific materials, e.g. titanium, light metals and stainless steels – to achieve the best results in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Nowadays, the eyewear industry increasingly follows the dictates of fashion: This phenomenon is seen, for example, in shorter product life cycles, with seasonal collection changes taking place faster and faster. Simply put, mass production of spectacle frames demands maximum efficiency and process reliability. Small factories rely on the combination of craftsmanship and high-tech to implement their individual designs in high quality.

Whether as a single piece or small or large series: Hobe's intelligent tool solutions help you to realise your ophthalmic visions in the most economical way.



Flexibility and the willingness to innovate go hand in hand with the production of automotive components. Hobe, always at the forefront of technology, is the ideal partner for the development of new tools and application concepts. For decades, we have consistently and rapidly responded to major trends in the automotive sector. Therefore, our standard program offers an extensive range of solid carbide tools for turning, drilling, reaming and milling, which best satisfy industry-specific requirements and materials.

Automotive suppliers operate in a highly competitive market environment with strong innovation pressure. In this context of increasingly shorter development times and ever more stringent quality and productivity demands, the consistent optimisation of production processes becomes a critical factor of success.

We offer in-depth application know-how for the machining of metal and plastic components, especially in the internal profile shaping of micro-bores. From the advising of customers on tool design to the creation of complex manufacturing solutions, our goal remains one and the same: helping customers tap their full potential in maximising productivity through reliable machining solutions.



High-precision solid carbide tools find endless applications in electronics production, for example, in the production of electronic connectors or components. Our highly-precise tools enjoy an excellent reputation in the electrical industry. This is indeed well-deserved, given their proven performance in brass, copper and aluminium machining. Just like our application engineers, who provide comprehensive industry knowledge for optimal tool design and if required, the development of requirement-oriented special solutions. We also offer the right solutions for new challenges such as the machining of lead-free brass.

As with other industries, electronics rely on high precision combined with cost-effective production processes. At Hobe, we endeavour to support the planning and optimising of your entire production processes in all aspects of our tool application.


Medical Technology

The manufacture of medical devices and components requires extraordinary powerful tool solutions. This is particularly true for materials posing difficult machining requirements such as titanium, stainless steel or super alloys. And this is where Hobe's solid carbide micro-tools excel. Their exceptional performance guarantees the desired dimensional and shape accuracy, as well as surface quality at all times. Furthermore, selected carbide grades with outstanding wear and flexural strength ensure a long tool life.

In medical technology, meeting manufacturing precision requirements presents increasingly complex challenges. Medical components are subject to progressive miniaturisation and sophistication. On the other hand, growing cost and time pressures make higher productivity a must.

On the back of our extensive industry experience and detailed process knowledge, we develop tool concepts to allow the cost-effective manufacturing of even the most demanding workpieces. Moreover, the high cutting ability and durability of our precision tools generate significant competitive advantages for our customers.



Human medical instruments, implants and prostheses require the highest quality standards. This is the only way to avoid health risks and achieve a long product life. Accordingly, extremely corrosion and wear resistant materials are used in the manufacture of medical devices. The Hobe micro tools range includes a wide range of VHM high performance tools that are ideal for medical device production.

Hard-to-machine materials such as platinum, titanium, stainless steel and special alloys present us with special challenges in tool development - which we gladly accept. Through intensive exchange with customers and users, we have in-depth process knowledge in the field of implant prosthetics and dental technology. We offer machining solutions that are tailor-made for your product.

Especially with orthopedic implants, literally smooth functioning is required. Our expertise in high-end machining of fiber-reinforced plastics and precious metals leads to convincing results in terms of surface quality and accuracy of fit. Everything runs smoothly: from the production process to the finished artificial joint.



Successful innovation in the watchmaking industry inevitably relies on the high-precision machining of very small workpieces. Watchmakers have to produce microscopic components of extremely high quality in large quantities. In particular, the optics and surface quality requirements pose considerable challenges, especially in the production of fine engravings.

Hobe supplies renowned watchmakers with micro-cutting tools, sought after by manufacturers for the intricate geometries and their extremely sharp cut allows. Wear-resistant carbide ensures a long service life, while the abrasion-resistant coatings are precisely tailored to the industry-specific materials gold, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and brass.

As always, the starting point of our innovative machining solutions is an intimate understanding of your needs. We know what makes the watch industry tick. Stay ahead of the times with Hobe tools.




The increasing miniaturisation of mechanical components in classical mechanical engineering requires completely new machining strategies. With optimised tools, we are driving forward the progress in micro-machining technology.

Manufacturers of miniature components in many industries rely on our innovation potential. The Hobe development team has detailed manufacturing knowledge in all application areas of precision engineering, such as measurement technology, control engineering and communication technology.

In addition to their user-friendliness, Hobe precision tools score with their exceptional cutting ability and sharpness. High-quality carbide and a tool geometry perfectly matched to the material keep the dimensional deviations caused by extrusion negligible. In micromechanics every micron counts!